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  • We are a line of quality products for personal care and comprehensive beauty of women and men.
  • We offer personal care and beauty products for women and men today, anywhere in the universe, that allow you to feel and look good.
  • We want to become the best digital company of personal care and beauty products, not only in Venezuela but in the whole Universe, maintaining quality standards, innovation and excellence, attending with different products, all the requirements of the different stages of women and men within the society that guarantee their welfare.

Miss Florida

Socially Responsible, we are part of a great society that in its process of evolution and growth must be integrating the different groups with which it is interrelated, therefore, part of our activities are aimed at collaborating with vulnerable groups of children, in conjunction with Non-profit Organizations. Government, to whom we provide support with different assistance activities, according to needs, previously qualified by specialists in the field.


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